Roster of Ex-Characters

Copies of character sheets for Characters who have dropped to Static NPC status.  They are still part of the game, and they still might be involved - but as a  voice within a GM post, rather than posting in their own right.  You should be aware that these are archives of character sheets, and represent the character at the time of the archive.  Most are L5 or above, and may have slightly different levels, skills and abilities that those shown here.

Aris'ta Devo - (Ranger 5) Mixed Blood Elf. Commander of Hunter's Rest
Dara Algot - (Cleric 3/Arist 2)Priest of Sarenrae and apothecary in Newgate.  Partner of Quentin Ragoon
Quentin Ragoon - (Ftr2/Rog2/Arist1)property owner in Newgate.  Partner of Dara Algot.
El'indre M'Taro - (Ftr4/Arist1)Mercenary Leader.  Wife to Quinn M'Taro
Quinn M'Taro - (Wiz4/Arist1)Wizard-Tailor in Ringbridge.
Zorah - (Druid5)  Horse breeder at Bar-Z
Fiddler Ashfoot - (Clr5) Halfling Cleric of Erastil.  Based in Oston, with interests across northern Midmarch.
Rook Sanderson - (Rng2/Clr3) - Priest of Erastil at Elwall.
Rose of the North - (Wiz5) - Owner of the Magic shop in Ringbridge.

Lex - (Rng4/Expt-1) an ex bandit, now a specialist Bowyer (can make +1 bows and Magical Arrows) in Old Keep.
Ron Swansov -  (Expt-4/Inq1) Carpenter and minor priest of Torag, in Tusk.
Tansy - (Frt3/Exp2) Innkeeper in Tusk
Zauria de lin Lebeda (Arist1/Wiz4)  Marshal of Ringbridge.  Sister of Valoria.

Beatrix deleMaistre - (arist-1/Clr4) Henry's Cousin and head of the Pharasmin Abbey in Tusk