"He came into our town, claiming to be an entertainer. In the end, he'd emptied the personal vaults of three separate nobles and walked away without being seen..."

Introduction to the Jack Type

Typically, Jacks are the main characters you hear about, or think about, when you think of grand adventures. They are the rogues, the swashbucklers, the entertainers and the tricksters. A blend of charisma, deadly wit, and adaptive nature help them be best suited to tasks that don't fit so neatly for Glaives and Nanos.

Jacks fit well in society. Many possess a natural charm that ingratiates them to people around them -- until they develop a negative reputation amongst a people they are generally accepted and embraced. They are known as those who keep everything moving.

Tier One Setup

Choose Your Background

Jack Origins fit one of the following three backgrounds. This will not only give a bit of direction to your personal story, but will also impact how you earn XP and describe your Tier advancement.

  1. Born Lucky
    • Perhaps your ancestors were part of a genetic experiment. Perhaps your genes are simplt stronger. Perhaps you're stronger, faster, and stronger than the average human. Whatever the point, a part of who and what you are stands out from the crowd. Some sort of genetic advantage has allowed you to become what you are.
    • Advancement: Training, study, and practice are the key to advancement here. You have a propensity to learn, but you still have to start the process. Sometimes, it's a matter of this actually unlocking innate genetic traits you never knew you had.

  2. School of Hard Knocks
    • No one helped you learn -- at least not intentionally. Instead, you had to learn on your own, the long and hard way. This has made you perceptive, adaptive, and canny. You learn best in the midst of adversity, where a problem you never encountered before must be overcome.
    • Advancement: Wariness and curiosity couple to improve your character. For you, it's a matter of trying, adapting, and working through problems until new opportunities and abilities arise.

  3. A Cobbled Jumble
    • You claim no single source for your abilities. You truly do whatever you need to, take whatever you need to, and alter yourself however you need to in order to progress. You may add a cybernetic implant for one trick, develop a drug treatment to increase a pool, and study under a master to learn a new skill.
    • Advancement: Advancement for this Jack is both the easiest, and most difficult, as there is no clear path to advancement. Instead, it's more a matter of grasping opportunities as they come before you.

Set your Starting Stats and Pools
Next, you have 6 additional points to spread among the above as you see fit.

Other stats:


Practiced in Light and Medium weapons: Use light weapons without penalties.
Other Weapons: Heavy weapons cost an additional difficulty step.
Cypher Maximum: 2
Tricks of the Trade: Select 2 from the Tier 1 Tricks of the Trade below.
Starting Equipment:

If you chose a ranged weapon as one of your weapons, you will have 12 of the corresponding type of ammo.
Consider holding off on choosing weapons and armor until we've also fleshed out your Fighting Moves, Descriptor, Homeland, and Focus.
GM will also work with you to help you create your general connection to the world

Tricks of the Trade

Tier One Tricks of the Trade

Tier Two Tricks of the Trade

Tier Three Tricks of the Trade

Tier Four Tricks of the Trade

Tier Five Tricks of the Trade

Tier Six Tricks of the Trade