"You hold in your hand a piece of the distant past. Own it. Make it your own."

Explaining Artifacts

If Cyphers are the bread and butter of Numenera, and Oddities are the spice, then then Artifacts are the choice cuts of steak. Artifacts, like cyphers, can be precreated objects with a specific purpose, cobbled-together creations used despite their original purpose, or perhaps even something used in a way never intended. Perhaps it was once a power converter for a flying craft that happens to send out arcs of electricity like a ranged weapon. Whatever it is, it's unique, it's odd, and it likely has a finite number of uses.

Unlike cyphers, Artifacts have no limit on the number you can carry, but they are extremely valuable, and having too many can make you a target. Artifacts with an active effect (something you can use) have a chance to become depleted after every use. Once depleted, the artifact is useless, and loses much of its value.

Artifacts are also far more rare than oddities and cyphers, and most are one of a kind. As such, those listed here have either already been depleted, or were sold by the team, and this is just for reference.

Discovered Artifacts