"Sure, it looks interesting, but what does it do?"

Explaining Oddities

Oddities are the spice and silliness of the world of Numenera. Put simply, they are not directly 'useful', in that they don't heal, attack, explode, alter, or otherwise impact anything directly. Instead, they are a direct display of just how strange and inscrutable the Before was. It may be a stone fork that always pulls about 10 degrees shy of due east, or a pearlescent button that shows an aged reflection of the person who looks within it. It could be a book with blank pages that refuse to accept any sort of ink, or a white rectangle with a shining screen with nine circles that vibrates when you touch it.

Oddities are a trade in their own right, and can be a great, easy source of shins for a group in need of financing, and more often than not are how they finance their various adventures. This is because oddities, for the most part, are relatively unique; over time similar objects have been destroyed, misplaced, lost, or hidden away in private vaults and storage.

A player can technically have as many oddities on their person as they can realistically carry. Why they choose to hold on to them will become very much a part of their character and personality.

Listed here will be those oddities that have been discovered, sold, and/or used by the team. Once gone, there is very little likelihood that the oddity will be seen again.

Discovered Oddities