Earth has been home to eight previous civilizations. Most human, some not so much. Each has risen, and fallen (or perhaps just sought greener pastures). All have left remnants and ruins behind. We, the children of the Ninth World, were left behind to play in their shadows, making a living off their broken and discarded toys.

Welcome to Numnera: In the Shadows of Xan'orak - Link to game

Hello, and welcome to the Official Wiki page for Numenera: In the Shadows of Xan'orak.

This page will be relatively spartan, used mostly to provide articles for character creation and reference. This information will be limited (we can go into more detail in-game as needed), to respect the copyright owner.

Reference Articles:

- The Setting of Numenera
- Basics of Chargen
- Stats, Pool, Edge, and Effort
- Rolls and Challenges
- Defining Your Skills
- Available Character Descriptors
- Available Character Types
- Available Character Foci
- Available Character Homeland
- Notes on Equipment
- XP and Leveling Up
- Discovered Cyphers
- Discovered Oddities
- Discovered Artifacts

Homebrew notes:

Useful Websites
(Note: Not all resources at said websites will apply/be useful in this campaign)