"Where you were born is just as much an integral part of who you are as what you can do. It shapes you, makes you who you are."

Quick Explanation of Character Homeland

In the original character options, Homeland was another set of alternate Descriptors (this is the value listed in parentheses below). I have decided instead to allow it as a sort of second descriptor, Homeland. This will provide additional flavor to characters, which in turn provides additional bonuses, gear, and personal story options.

Available Homelands

In the Steadfast

Ancuan (Ancuani)Draolis (Draolic)Ghan (Ghanic)Iscobal (Iscobean)
Malvich (Malvic)Milave (Milavian)Navarene (Naven)Pytharon (Pytharon)
Thaemor (Thaemic)

In the Beyond

The Cold Desert (Icebound)Ephremon (Ephrem)The Wastelands (Wastelander)
The Weal of Baz (Bazian)

Across the Globe

The Black City (Elychnious)The Frozen South (Frostborn)The Great Reach (Coraoan)
Lostrei (Gaian)Vralk (Vralkan)