"Take a moment. Sit down. Take off those synth boots, air out your feet, and take a moment to sift through your pack... if everything is still there."

Equipment in the Ninth World

This page will provide a very generic list of possible equipment you can expect to see, but it is not by any means comprehensive. If you don't see it here, ask. Weapons and armor hearken back to more traditional weapon types, so no guns, grenades, rocket launchers, or the like. Most tech that exists is either leftovers from the previous civilizations, or cobbled together from the same.

Quick Homebrew Note on Weapons and Armor

For the sake of fun and story, I've decided that, while you're welcome to stick to more traditional style versions of the available weapons, I'm going to allow our heroes to describe them in far more extravagant style. So that sword may be iron, but it may also be glass, diamond, made of arcs of pure energy, fire, or even float in impossibly physics-defying segments. The damage amount and type are the same. The damage type remains the same. This is merely cosmetic. Your flaming katana won't start fires. Your electric bow won't shock you. These are at best oddities.

It will be the same thing with armor -- values and protections remain the same, but they do NOT have to be practical. Enjoy customizing the armor cosmetically however you feel fits best with your character. We won't judge.



Note these are the material types that are available at the start of the game. Others can be obtained through the course of the game. Each point of armor reduces the amount of damage a successful attack inflicts on the wearer. Armor rating is total -- a type of armor with a rating of 3 keeps that rating of three no matter if there is only a breastplate, or it covers every inch of the body. You also cannot stack types of armor (no light armor under heavy armor, for instance).

Light Armor - 1 Armor Point

Medium Armor - 2 Armor Point

Heavy Armor - 3 Armor Points

Note, without a skill to cancel it out, Light armor costs 1 Might Pool point her hour worn, and reduces the speed pool by 2 while worn. Medium armor is 2 and 3, respectively, and Heavy is 3 and 5, respectively.


Weapons do damage based on their type, be they bladed, blunt, ranged, or otherwise. Light does 2 points of damage, Medium 4, and Heavy 6. Heavy weapons must always be used with two hands. The weapons listed below are not the be-all, end all of the sorts available in the world, but they are what is available at the start of the adventure. For ranged weapons, the number of shots listed is the standard magazine or quiver size.

Light Weapons -- Ranged

Light Weapons -- Immediate

Medium Weapons -- Ranged

Medium Weapons -- Immediate

Heavy Weapons -- Ranged

Heavy Weapons -- Immediate