"It may just be a little pill, but within it is the power to change the world..."

Explaining Cyphers

Cyphers are the bread and butter of the Numenera -- the little bits and pieces (and sometimes large, unwieldy pieces) of the previous worlds that every glaive, jack, and nano carry around to supplement their own powers. These are typified as being single-use 'powers'. They may be an ingestible, injectable, slap on patch, or an interactable object. In the end, they work once and are then discarded.

Most players can only hold on to a few at a time (too many held on a person can cause dissonant resonances that can cause discomfort and eventually injury). However, they are quite literally everywhere, so players are encouraged to use them at will -- they are bound to find replacements right around the corner.

We will only list those the party has already encountered, determined the use of, and discarded in this list. Generally, when searching or finding ciphers, the results are randomized. However, at the cost of 1 XP, a player can roll for a 75% chance (roll below 75 on a 1d100 roll) of finding a specific, desired, previously-seen cipher from the list below.

Each will also include a percentage chance of finding when purchasing from vendor. Shin values will vary by vendor.

Currently Discovered Cyphers