"In the beginning, you must know who you are..."

Basics of Character Generation

Chargen in Numenera is very easy. Mostly, it's a matter of describing the basics of what you want the character to be, and then tailoring the decisions you make from that. There's also a bit of random -- but then you get a lot of room to really describe the means your character gets to the point where they are.

Experience points and growing also have nothing to do with how much you kill or loot. It's about actually doing the things that grow your character along the path they've chosen. So -- choose wisely, but also choose without fear -- you're going to have fun regardless.

The most important part of Character Generation is describing your character. We do this with a single sentence:

You just fill in the blanks:

That's it. Everything else will be led from this -- and I as the GM will walk you through it from there.

Also, because it's already been said, no, I can't show you how to verb. You need to learn that on your own.