"Warriors are on the front lines of battle. They are the first to charge in, the last to leave the battlefield."

Introduction to the Glaive Type

You are a warrior. Perhaps you're a blades master, perhaps a martial artist, an expert bowman... whatever it is, you are a master of combat. You choose to be at the forefront of combat,

In society at large, glaives are commonly revered. They are the protectors, the heroes. Sure, some are thugs and mercenaries, but your obvious strength commands at least respect.

Tier One Setup

Choose Your Background

Glaive Origins fit one of the following three backgrounds. This will not only give a bit of direction to your personal story, but will also impact how you earn XP and describe your Tier advancement.

  1. Intense Training
    • You were not born or made a Glaive. You sought to become one, and there was no limit to what you would do to become one. You traveled far and wide, high and deep, to find the best teachers, until they had nothing more to teach you, and moved on to the next. You continue to do so.
    • Advancement: You need to train and practice to hone your skills. Often, new moves, tier advancement, and the like come as the result of finding a new teacher or expert to learn under (or perhaps returning to your previous masters to learn more from them). Increases to stats and pools and the like come as the result of vigorous exercise and practice.

  2. Inborn Traits
    • You trained under masters and experts, but what makes you different, a glaive, was born inside you. Your talent came naturally, at least to you. Perhaps it's a connection to the Numenera, the result of a genetic mutation in one of your ancestors, perhaps you were born fit, or grew to be a hulking monster suited only for battle. Whatever it was, you were destined to be a warrior.
    • Advancement: You have talents and abilities of which you are only dimly aware. While you can learn from masters, unlocking your true potential comes from intense practice and experimentation. Your moves will unlock naturally, although you can have a master then help you hone it to mastery. Increases to stats and pools and the like come as you tap into unknown reserves inside yourself. New abilities and moves come as a result of something within you coming to the surface during experimentation.

  3. Bio-mechanical Modification
    • While you trained and practice like other warriors, the numenera are where you set yourself apart. Embracing the strange of this world. you have allowed yourself to be modified by any means necessary to improve your ability to fight. Some of your knowledge and skill is the result of implanted memory. Some of your speed and power is the result of servos and machinery, Subdermal plating may serve as armor, muscle tissue augmented with nanodevices or even replaced may all be part of what makes you an unnaturally powerful warrior. Perhaps your changes are clearly obvious, or perhaps they're invisible to he unaided or unaware eye.
    • Advancement: Your body is an ongoing project -- you can never have enough modifications, enough. New abilities, new skills, changes to stats and pools, all are the result not of training, but of finding new parts and methods to enhance your body. Surgeons and mechanists replace trainers and masters here.

Set your Starting Stats and Pools
Next, you have 6 additional points to spread among the above as you see fit.

Other stats:


Practiced in Armor: Might and Speed costs for armor are reduced by 2.
Cypher Maximum: 2
Fighting Moves: Select 2 from the Tier 1 Fighting moves below.
Starting Equipment:

If you chose a ranged weapon as one of your weapons, you will have 12 of the corresponding type of ammo.
Consider holding off on choosing weapons and armor until we've also fleshed out your Fighting Moves, Descriptor, Homeland, and Focus.
GM will also work with you to help you create your general connection to the world

Fighting Moves

Tier One Moves

Tier Two Moves

Tier Three Moves

Tier Four Moves

Tier Five Moves

Tier Six Moves