The Galaxy can, for a moment, breathe a sigh of peace. Emperor Palpatine’s FINAL ORDER has been defeated. General Hux has been killed, and Supreme Leader Kylo Ren and his knights are all presumed dead, their bodies never found. The remaining rebel forces use the opportunity to bolster their numbers and their strength while the First Order, still a strong threat to the galaxy consolidates its power and struggles for new leadership. Both sides prepare as Coruscant descends into open civil war, knowing that the conflict will inevitably spread again throughout the galaxy.

As the galaxy cheers the death of Palpatine, a whisper can be heard under the cacophony. It can only be heard by some, but those that heard recognized it immediately as The Call of The Force. It’s sound was gone as soon as it appeared, but the few that heard it found its pull irresistible, and in the ensuing chaos of yet another war, an undercurrent begins to form, unseen to all, that will change the course of the entire galaxy.

The New Republic
The First Order
Hutt Space
Unaffiliated Systems