The systems controlled by the Hutt Cartel have shrunk in the wake of the First Order, as planets rich in resources, wealth, or industry were seized to fuel the war effort. Although the First Order got an early surprise on the Hutts, they were stopped far short of taking the whole region and finally ridding the Galaxy of the criminal enterprise.

What remains of Hutt Space is as foul and corrupt as it ever has been; perhaps even more so. With it being one of the few truly nuetral areas in the galaxy, it had become a fast haven for refugee fleeing war, and corporate interests seeking to avoid it. Many planets have become overpopulated and impoverished, but you wouldn't know it from all of the glitter and glamour among the casinos and pleasure dens for the exorbitantly wealthy.

While the maccinations of the Hutts themselves have always been hard to read, something mysterious is afoot. The various Hutt families have normally operated in a strained alliance. That alliance is showing it's strain, in rare public displays of dissent and disagreement. With the Rebellion having taken a strong stand against the First Order at Exagal, there is open debate as to how to proceed. Many continue to vouch for nuetrality and prosper off the conflict of both sides. Some fracturous members of the Cartel call for directly supporting either The Rebellions and their New Republic, or The First Order. A distinct minority has even begun to call for another approach; to expand the Cartel beyond its original borders, to take on both the Rebellion AND the First Order, and become the new predominant power in the Galaxy...

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