After the battle of Exagal, the First Order has been undergoing a power vacuum.

Emperor Palpatine, having returned from the grave, has died yet once again, having caused some to wonder if it was merely a propaganda move to stoke fear. Supreme Leader Kylo Ren has not been seen for some time and is presumed dead, as are his Knights of Ren. General Hux and General Pryde are confirmed dead. While the First Order struggles internally for leadership, it still holds an overwhelming control over most of the Galaxy, and normal operations continue as they have. While the Rebellion has grown more confident and numerous since the Battle of Exagal, they have been unable to wrest control of any major systems. Local leaders, pending further direction, are fighting defensively.

Among those in the strongest position to take the leadership of The First Order is Admiral Zaign, a battle hardened veteran dating back to the final days of the Republic. His views on doctrine and strategy, previously laughed as eccentric, are finally being taken seriously given recent events.

As the Rebellion mounts greater pressure, the planet of Coruscant has become a focal point of attention and conflict.