The New Republic is feeling a new breath of life and support, just as it seemed all was lost before Exagal. Distant systems far from the influence of the First Order have pledged their support, new recruits are lining up for their chance to fight, and for once it seems that there is Hope in the Galaxy again.

That Hope is fleeting...

Politics still strangles the Republic in indecision, just as it had before the Empire. In its attempts to please an entire Galaxy, doing anything of substance has proven impossible. Perhaps the greatest affront to a stable and trustworthy government is that the New Republic doesn't even have a stable capital world. Instead, the capital of the New Republic moves from planet to planet every year. It maintains the peace, for now, but sooner or later real decisions have to be made.

Some are eyeballing the former home of the Republic, the galactic center of Coruscant. Still officially in First Order control, there is now an open wave of resistance on the planet. While many are swift to aide the rebels in wresting such an important system from the clutches of the First Order, there is far less agreement as to what to do with it should they succeed.

Decisions need to be made, and they need to be made swiftly.

Elsewhere, the New Republic tries to bolster its territory and reach. Previously neutral systems like Juvex are being invited to join the Republic, even as the New Republic Navy struggles to defend its territory against the more powerful First Order.