Character Generation

Step 1: Describe your Persona Example

Before we get too far into the mechanical process of things, lets take a look at that Character Concept you sent me earlier. Flesh it out a bit and decide where your character fits in the galaxy.

Unless you are cheating, you should't have peaked at the mechanical bits of the game yet, so it shouldn't matter what Species or Class gets the "best" bonuses or powers. Really they are pretty well balanced.

Instead of focusing on the nuts and bolts, think about who you want to be here. Washed up N7 Soldier? Former Blood-Pack mercenary? Ex-nightclub-dancer? You create the character concept, and then we'll put the rules to it. Just like game play.

Think about these three topics: where your character Originates from, what their History is and what their Motivations are. Give me a paragraph or two for each of the following categories. Be as creative as you like. Answer the following questions, or make up your own. It works best if you do it In-Character.

~ Note: the year is 2187CE, that's six months after the events of Mass Effect 3-




If you include enough interesting background ties to your character, you could even earn a free Advance.

Step 2: Select a Species Example

After you develop your basic to specific concept, select a Species from the list available here. Each Species offer two species specific moves. You may choose the primary or alternate species move.

Step 3: Select a Class Example

Next, select the class that best fits your concept from the available class list here. Each class determines the primary stat for your character. Classes with only one Class Moves list to choose from have a +3 primary stat. Classes with two Class Move lists to choose from have a +2 primary stat.

Step 4: Generate your Stats Example

Your class grants you your starting score in your Primary Stat, be sure to bring it with you from step 3, above.

Your five Stats are:

For the other four (non primary) stats, start them at 0 and modify them according to the point-buy system below. No Stat may have a score higher than +3 or lower than -3.
Start with +2 points and distribute them as you like. Note, however, that min maxing is a baaaad idea.

Stat Cost List:

This game does not use the “Highlighted Stats” rules from Apocalypse World. See XP and Advancement.

Step 5: Select a Class Move Example

Class Moves are the specialties of the classes. Some classes have access to two Class Move lists, but at the cost of 1 point in their primary stat. See the various Class Moves here.

Step 6: Select a Personal Move Example

Personal Moves are the Talents, Traits and Feats of characters. Some grant resources (and ways to get more), some give combat abilities and others build on the Class Moves. You can see the various Personal Moves here.

Step 7: Introductions and History (Hx) Example

The last step in character creation is to define your relationships with the other characters. The HX statements and Procedure are located here.