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Step 6: Personal Moves

This is were things get interesting. There are a lot of Personal Moves to choose from. I know Mick is a tough and Hard man. Plus I have him as being a Squad Leader type. Maybe he runs a group of guys - a master of arms sort.... I like the idea of Mick running a Squad of Mercs so I choose:

Personal Move - Squad Leader: You have a squad (“gang” in AW terms) of about a dozen men and women. By default: 2-harm gang small 1-armor, and choose 2:

And choose 1:

Mick's Squad
2-harm gang small Medium 4-shields 1-armor

They're a big group so I choose Two Dozen (Medium instead of Small). They are also well equipped so I choose access to Shields (+4 Shields). For their weakness, I choose pack of Vorcha (+Savage). These guys don't mess around.