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Step 7: Introductions and History.

This part is a little tricky considering I don't have you all to work with yet. But, I can pretend there are three other characters; one, two and three.

So after I get my character sheet worked out and I'm happy with al of my selections, I go to the History Thread and post an introduction, in CHaracter. After everyone has done this I doll out my History with them.

all separate posts:
Me: Hi, I'm Mick yadda yadda
one: I'm one
two: i'm two, whats up
three: yeak, like I'm three

My turn:
Me: One, You've fought side by side with me. Against the Reapers. You get Hx+2. Two, remember that time you left me bleeding, knife in my back. Yeah, Hx -2. Three, you're my squad's Sergeant. That means I'm your boss, Hx+2.

Two's turn:
two: Mick, you saved me, even after I left you to die, HX +2.
Me: in secret, I've been watching two for a while. I mark down Hx+3 instead.

When it is all said and done, we have established some interesting things about each other. It isn't important that we like each other, or hang out all the time. It's only important that we know each other, have history and a place to start role playing from.