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Character Creation - Step 1: Describe your Persona

I want to play Mick Thomas, an unrelenting Alliance Marine. So here is what I come with for Step 1. I'm doing this part In Character so I can get a feel for Mick's voice.

"I'm a spacer. Always been that way. My parents are both dead now, killed in the Reaper invasion. We lived in a small apartment in the Tilaran Space Station. My sister, Kara, is still alive. Being a spacer was always hard. We got three squares a day and not a crumb more. I did my time in school and then at the station docks. I grew tired of the wasted life on the station, constantly dreaming of setting foot on different worlds. So I joined the Alliance Marines. They saw my potential early on and trained me to be a leader. Not to mention giving me a few tight enhancements."

"I got in an altercation with my CO over some BS and got busted down to Lance Corporal. I couldn't take it so I split when my enlistment was up. Not long after I picked up a gig as a security officer and then quickly worked my way into a muscle-for-hire situation. I worked for the Castelian Syndicate. A real no crap kind of outfit that doesn't take well to excuses. It's not the kind of organization one retires from. So, yeah, I still work for them on the side. The Shadow Broker bought out most of my contract with the syndicate and now I run muscle for him, her, whoever the Broker is. My name? Its Mick. Mick Thomas. Nice to meet you."

"My sister is all I really care about now. Kara is a great Doctor and research scientist. She's in high demand these days. I'm not sure I'd die for her, but she is as about as close as I get to an ideal. I hold her above all else in my life. What's that? What secret do I have? Right, Like I'm going to tell you.

Ok, Ok, easy on the shotty babe. I stole about 60k worth of modulated credit sticks from the syndicate. They know about it, they just don't know it was me. At least I don't think they do. Besides that. I waxed a few dozen civvies in a skirmish once. Under direct orders. And that was the difference of opinion I had with my CO.

Are we done here?"

Note from GM:
As you can see, I give quite a bit of useful details here. I named an NPC (Kara), gave a hook for the Syndicate (also a made up organization) and more or less established Mick as an a-hole.