Character Creation | Step 5: Class Move

Step 4: Generate your Stats

The Stats:
Your five Stats are:

Your class grants you your starting score in your Primary Stat. For the other four stats, start them at 0 and modify them according to the point-buy system below:
Start with 2 points
Stat at +1 costs 1 pt.
Stat at +2 costs 3 pts.
Stat at -1 grants +1 additional pt.
Stat at -2 grants +3 additional pts.

Because Mick is a Soldier, his Primary Stat is Hard +3. So I mark that in. I assign the other 2 points to Sharp and Will. Since Mick isn't a Cool Customer, I drop his Cool stat by -1 and add the extra point to Will. He is a good leader after all and I want him to be able to manage a squad.

His Stats look like this:
Cool -1
Hard +3
Hot 0
Sharp +1
Will +2