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There are a number of supernatural beings in Alternate Earth. Most of the population don't know of their existence. The Inter-Species Control Agency (ISCA) was set up when the first beings began to show themselves to humanity. All non-human species are registered with the ICSA and governed by its rules. Because humans are generally a paranoid and xenophobic race the rules of the ICSA are set out to prevent an inter-species war. What this means is that any non-human being revealing non-human traits or behaviour to the outside world will be hunted down and severely dealt with.

It is unknown how the ICSA gathers its information, and as there is no regulating body overseeing the ICSA itself, it is safe to assume one would need to be a member in order to know. Once recruited, the recruit usually 'disappears' and is never seen again, and there are rumors that the ICSA does not allow its members to quit. Interestingly, ICSA recruitment is not restricted to non-Humans only.

What is known are some of their methods. Their duties include:

Due to the need for the services provided by the ICSA, the existence of the organization is generally accepted as a necessary evil, and very little coercion is usually required to get someone to cooperate with them. The ICSA therefore has very little trouble in recruiting more (temporary) informants, 'as necessary'.

All non-human races can pass as human, with the exception of Sirens. Some look human, others take human form, hiding their true form from common people.

The races of Alternate Earth are given below:-

Aes Sidhe