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Aes Sidhe

The Aes Sidhe are supernatural beings, synonymous with faeries or elves. Known as the 'people of the mounds' they originally settled in our world in underground tribes near Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Although usually keeping themselves away from the affairs of humanity, some do occasionally walk about the world of humanity.

Aes Side look human and indeed can appear very human. In their true form they are preternaturally beautiful but they mask this form in subtle ways, presenting a supernatural disguise around themselves called a 'glamour'.

Aes Sidhe are known to be highly protective of places that they chose to call home. Normally this would be a particular hill, or woodland but those that travel among men can see their home as a house they have bought, or a building in which they chose to have a rented room. Thy have the ability to shield such a place to prevent any supernatural being from acting with hostile intent toward the residents or any hostile magic from working within such an environment. This doesn't prevent normal physical or technological attacks from occurring.

Being nature entities, Aes Sidhe have control over nature. They can cause freak weather patterns. They can animate plants and cause them to grow, move, entangle. They can control animals and summon nearby creatures to come to their aid.