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Height: As Human.
Lifespan: 80-100.
Hair: As Human.
Eye color: As Human.
Skin color: As Human.

Sakyubasu, an in-depth look

The act of keeping concubines has been a tradition dating back thousands of years. In practice, these women were often used to produce additional heirs, though it needs be stated that the legal status of a child born of a concubine was lesser than that of one born of the official wife regardless of age. Concubines were often daughters of families of lower status where marriage to a person of higher rank was not an option, either due to the difference in status or the person in question simply being already married. Many daughters born of concubines would become concubines themselves in allied Houses, or married to worthy subordinates. Over time, peace and prosperity had lessened the need for men of power to sire a great many offspring, and the number of concubines began to dwindle until it was eventually forbidden in the mid to late twentieth century.

During the Era of Greed, when the ideas of cultural identity had scholars look into the Great Empire's past, the concept of concubines was once again unearthed from history, though in a different form. The need for large numbers of heirs was no longer present, and thus emphasis naturally came to lie on the act itself. Armed with science and genetics, the researchers started working, and thus was born the race of what would later be known as Sakyubasu, women pleasing to the body and mind that, through genetics, had been optimized to please their partners sexually to the pinnacle of effectiveness.

The price soon became clear.

Allow me to diverge for a moment. In Taoism, the lower point of the torso is referred to as the Hui-yin, a point that includes the anus and the sexual organs as well. It is also the collection point of Yin energy, and is referred to as the Gate of Life and Death. The Sakyubasu had the ability to tap into this energy during the act to maximize their partners' pleasure, yet it was this act that often led to massive depletion of Yin energy. The act of ejaculation also naturally consumed a great amount of Jing energy, further disrupting the flow of Chi through the meridians. As a result, the bodily organs weakened, in more extreme cases leading to death where more was forced out than the body could afford to miss. In contrast, a Sakyubasu could sustain herself for several days on this stolen energy alone, using the man's Jing to convert it into Jing, Chi and Shen for her own use.

At first, the odd death was considered a coincidence as close investigation of the bodies showed natural deaths. When this number increased however, it caught the attention of those more knowledgeable of such matters, and soon, the Sakyubasu had received the name with which they were to become known throughout the Empire. Interrogation proved that the Sakyubasu were in virtually all cases unaware of their abilities, and for the safety of the Empire the creation of Sakyubasu was halted, and all known Sakyubasu eliminated. But by then, the damage had been done.

Though Sakyubasu had the ability to decide whether or not to become pregnant by choosing to drain the energy out of semen shot into her womb, by the time of this discovery there had been children born of Sakyubasu, children that unknowingly carried the modified Sakyubasu gene, many of them members of influential families. It was believed that this mutation would simply become recessive and fade away over time as long as the trait remained dormant, and eliminating the cases where the mutation became active, thus slowly breeding it out of the population. Because of this, every baby that is tested for disorders is also tested for the Sakyubasu gene. Active ones are impounded for elimination by the government, whereas carriers of the dormant genes have their names registered as 'susceptible', and have the blood samples of their own children go through more rigorous testing.

Though the process is one across the span of multiple generations, it is a slow one. However, it is known that due to these policies, fewer Sakyubasu are discovered in every generation, though the dormant version of the gene continues to spread.

::Common Misconceptions::




Vampires vs. Sakyubasu: Vampires and Sakybasu can feed of each other, but not simultaneously. One must act as feeder and the other as donor. Interestingly, as a donor a Sakybasu can be made a ghoul and can be embraced.

It is possible for a Sakyubasu to also be a Vampire. The result is that the hybrid needs both blood and kai energy from orgasm to feed. This means a Sakybasu vampire must drink her donor's blood at the point at which they orgasm.

Sakyubasu vs. Shifters: Shifters heal fast, and as such have a racial resistance to the Sakyubasu's ability to draw out energy. The rate at which a Sakyubasu can draw out energy does not change, rather the Shifter can both replenish the lost energy faster, as well as have a better chance to survive large scale depletion. In all other situations, Sakyubasu are similar to Humans in terms of physical abilities.

It is possible for a Sakyubasu to also be born a Shifter. Due to their heightened senses and instinctual tendencies such individuals would be sexually active to a debilitating degree, and have a much harder time regulating their powers in order to not kill their partners. While full Sakyubasu are immune to the effects of their potent pheromones, and have the ability to suppress them when desired, Half-Sakyubasu Shifters are not. Not being immune nor able to regulate their pheromone output, they would, in essence, be Black Widows, and actively hunted and killed by the ICSA for the obvious reason that they are a ticking timebomb, set to go off once puberty hits. Only in the case of Half-Sakyubasu Shifters, said timebomb would also be in War Form...