Type: gas giant
Climate: none
Rotation period: 30 standard hours
Orbital period: 1424 standard days

Within the clouds of Genarius, anything is possible.
―The first overseer of Friz Harammel

Genarius is a gas giant in the Cularin system. Much like Bespin, it has floating cities, including a manufacturing city built by SoroSuub Corporation 32 BBY. The floating cities of Genarius were viewed as relatively lawless by the standards of the rest of the Cularin system.

The mixture of gases in Genarius was unusually rare for the galaxy, with many existing in stable form due to mixing with others and the presence of radiation from the planet's core. Argon mixed with heavy beskium, and three distinct carbon isotopes in gaseous form, creating a blend of blue and orange in the atmosphere. In addition, over 150 elements existed in the atmosphere in trace amounts (less than 50 parts per million). Tibanna and irolunn gas could also be found on Genarius.

Genarius gives off its own glow, along with heat and energy. Its core is a producer of low-energy fusion, with temperatures as hot as protostars though not great enough to turn the planet into a star. Storms of extremely forceful winds and deadly radiation would sweep up from below and could devastate unprotected cities.

Unlike most gas giants, Genarius has native animal life: the jellyfish-like cochlera. This species was hardy and able to adapt to a wide range of conditions on Genarius. However, no specimen was able to survive for more than one standard day if taken away from Genarius' unique mix of atmospheric gases.

Genarius has four moons: Eskaron, Ostfrei, Ulbasca and Uffel
Genarius has the following major cities: Conkesta, Depatar, Edic Bar, Friz Harammel, Ipsus, Nub Saar, Oluna Biqua, Rorkee, Tolea Biqua, Varna Biqua... each city has its own industry.