Type: perforated rocky moon
Climate: none
Rotation period: 20 standard hours
Orbital period: 1424 standard days

Eskaron is a moon of Genarius. Originally a habitable moon, Eskaron was perforated by long networks of tunnels created by space worms, which fed on a type of metal within the planet. The worms exposed Eskaron's molten core which expanded and destroyed the local atmosphere, killing several of the worms. Once all of that metal was consumed, the space worms moved on, leaving behind only the tunnels and some remains.
The tunnels varied in size, from only a few meters up to several kilometers wide. Most tunnels were large enough for starships to fly through, so organized races were set up by Riboga the Hutt since 72 BBY, an activity which continued after Nirama took over Riboga's organization in 53 BBY.