Friz Harammel was a floating city on the gas giant Genarius. It was the first successful city constructed on the planet. It was one of about a dozen gas mining complexes built around the galaxy at the same time. The mix of gases within Genarius made Friz Harammel one of the most profitable.
Friz Harammel was built and owned by Daedalus Gas Mines. Daedalus's board of directors initially balked at the idea because the Cularin system was a complete economic unknown at the time. Several cities had already failed on Genarius, most notably Nub Saar. The Daedala family perservered, and finally convinced their investors to go ahead with the project. DGM's projections showed that even a small yield would allow the company to break even, and they could turn a profit if they could survive a year mining the minimum of key gases. The investors insisted on a hefty penalty from DGM should the project fail.