Creating an Article

Any registered user can create a general article, GMs (and editors) can create game articles for the game(s) they manage.  To create an article you just need to go to an article that does not exist, and the easiest way to do this is to create a link to an article that does not yet exist.

On the existing page you wish to create the link to the new page from, create a new link (see Editing Articles for more information on that), save the article and then follow the new link.  You'll be presented with a blank page and the opportunity to create an article.

Securing an Article

As a GM you can secure your game articles.  At the bottom of the article there is an area where you can put in the account names of the users who can edit the article.  By default, new articles (true to Wiki nature) are editable by all players in the game.  GMs can always edit articles, if you want a quick way of securing an article then you can either put in your account name, or simply something like "-".

General articles can also be secured (by the moderators) if issues with the article arise.

Article Hierarchy

You can have a kind of article hierarchy by using links such as [[subsection/page1|a page]] and [[subsection/page2|another page]].  As features develop this may become more important, especially if things such as a table of contents can be created.  Refer to Editing Articles for more information on linking.

Article Versions

Revisions of articles are kept and can be viewed by clicking on the "Versions" link at the bottom of each article.  While currently there is no ability to compare articles side by side, nor is there any option to revert, you can copy contents from an older version into the current.