In Short

This wiki is a hybrid of RPoL and general wikis, and as a result a subset of both is supported.

Those familiar with RPoL, or HTML, will find most of the syntax natural (with limitations on what can be done for security/aesthetic reasons).

Creole markup is also supported (though not everything).  We suggest you either use RuBB's own html-esque markup or Creole wiki markup, but avoid mix and matching in the one article.


While normal linking can be done, URLs within the wiki are best done via the [[link|description]] format.  This is not only easier as it inserts all the extra stuff for you, but while you are within a game wiki it keeps the references within that game.

[[about|about something]] while within a game will refer to that game's about page (if there is one), whereas outside of a game it will refer to the wiki's general about page.  You can break out of a game by prepending the link with a forward slash - [[/about|about this wiki]] will link to the wiki's about page no matter where you are.

Links within a game are relative to the home page of the game.  If you are in a sub-sub page any links will refer back to the start of the game.