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The main ruling body is that of the Overlords. They have supreme power and make the final decisions regarding the affairs of the city. There is, however, and appointed senate on which sit representatives from all over the city. It is a form of democracy with laws and decisions being passed by vote and with senators being elected. The senate makes the real decisions but the overlords can overrule those decisions if they feel that the city is under threat.

Danketsu is a modern city. Think of it as weird gestalt of a city, blending Tokyo with Moscow with London, With New York... All on a much smaller scale than any of those. It DOES have contact with the outside world so you can use the internet and chat to family etc.

However, any trade or post or such goes through the senate. People can be permitted to leave temporarily and can enter temporarily but if anyone happens to give away the actual location of the city or island, or if they witness anything supernatural then they are either forced to stay, disposed of, or have their memories magically erased.