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History of Danketsu

It is said that the island of Midori exists in a space between worlds. It called out to some in dreams and visions. To others it drew them in almost by accident. The first settlers were not human. Two clans, one a group of British vampires, and the other a group of Japanese witches came upon Midori and set up two villages that warred with each other for over a hundred years. Eventually, the clans decided to form a truce. A member of the vampire clan would marry a member of the witch clan and both would rule with equal power over the two villages. Thus the city of Danketsu was formed.

The peace is an uneasy one, for over six hundred years the city has grown and evolved seeing three generations of rulers rise and fall. When one of their number dies, an appointed representative from the other clan takes their place. Currently, however, the city has been ruled for a little under five years by Richard Alexander Aiuchi-Stone and his wife Hanako. Richard is the son of Alexander Stone, A vampire who was killed when trying to defend Hiro Auichi, the then overlord against a rebellion set by a group of vampires intent on destroying the alliance. He was unable to stop Hiro's assassination buthis actions led to the rebellion failing. Richard married Hiro's daughter, Hanako in a public ceremony and they have ruled together for five years. Although the marriage is considered by outsiders to be one of convenience, the reality is that Richard and Hanako were lovers long before the union took place.

Soon to be added below will be a brief history of the formation of Danketsu and the rise and fall of various factions who have fought to control the city and its people.