The Cularin system is a star system located on the Expansion Region border just off the Corellian Run, in between Kalarba and Aridus. It is a seven-planet binary star system.

But when was anything ever "normal" in Cularin? We're an exceptional location, in an exceptional time. A Sith fortress, a Jedi academy, wars among smugglers, at least two different groups venerating the dark side of the Force, and your standard array of criminals and malcontents, to say nothing of the economic threats posed by those who would exploit our natural resources. There is no time for complacency.
Jedi Master Lanius Qel-Bertuk

Though the Cularin system is in a well explored sector of space and close to a major hyperspace route, it remained undiscovered due to the gravity anomalies there. The dense cores of three of the planets create very large gravity reflections, which sometimes overlapped.  Also, the cloud of comets in the seventh orbit creates its own astrogation difficulties. It is best to revert from hyperspace outside of the comet cloud and make the calculations for entering the system after getting current readings on the behavior of the erratic comets. Even this is not considered safe by most traders, who chose instead to come into the system by sublight, passing on the increased cost of operation to their customers through higher prices.

==History (short version)==

The Cularin system was visited by Darth Rivan during the New Sith Wars, leading to the creation of the Almas Sith fortress.  The Jedi eventually drove the Sith Lord out of the system, logged the system's name in a Republic database, and then Cularin was forgotten.

A scout named Reidi Artom rediscovered the Cularin system in 232 BBY (year 0 A.A., i.e. After Artion, on Cularin), and conducted the first real exploration of the system.  Others followed her, and settlements were built on most of the system's bodies. Due to the relative isolation of the system, crime rates were high: The local asteroid belt became a refuge for pirates and later for well-known crimelords such as Riboga the Hutt and his successor Nirama.

The Cularin system joined the Galactic Republic around 32 BBY.

See Cularin system historical overview for a more detailed history.

==In game history==

Follow the above link to review how the hystory of the Cularin system develops after the first month of year 201 A.A. when this campaign starts. The follow up history will be in part or in all influenced by the actions of the characters.

==Orbital objects==

name=Cularin system
region=Expansion Region
sector=Thaere sector
grid coordinates=P-14
suns=Morasil and Termadus
2)Cularin, moons: Rennokk and Tilnes
3)Genarius, moons: Ulbasca, Eskaron, Uffel and Ostfrei
4)Cularin system asteroid belt (formerly Oblis)
5)Almas, moons: Dorumaa (formerly a planet with its own orbit)
7)Cularin comet cloud

==Power groups in Cularin==

Metatheran Cartel
Organized Crime
Military Might

==Mysterious places==

Cularin: The Ishkik Caverns
Cularin: The Sacred Ch'hala Tree Grove
Cularin: The Cloud Mountain
Rennokk: The Cave City
Tilnes: Kaernor's Smile
Genarius: The Abandoned City of Nub Saar
Eskaron: The Worm
Asteroids: The Crystal Snare
Almas: The Sith Fortress
Almas: The Almas Academy
Almas: kaluthin