Type: rocky moon
Climate: cold rocky desert
Rotation period: eternal day
Orbital period: 1424 standard days

Ulbasca is a Moon of Genarius. Its orbit around its primary is such that Ulbasca is always situated in the light of the Cularin system's two suns. Light reflected by Genarius means that even a side of Ulbasca facing away from the suns never experiences a true night.
Ulbasca has a type II atmosphere. Trace amounts of poisonous gases require a breath mask for visits of more than a few hours. The only major life forms on Ulbasca are lizards and snakes. Some of the snakes have short limbs to help with climbing, and the larger snakes could grow up to 40 meters and swallow a whole human. The reptiles survive on the moon's sulferous plants and on each other. Ulbasca's surface is mostly flat, but was occasionally broken by mountains and canyons. The reptiles' preferred terrain is in those canyons.
Ulbasca had no mineral wealth of note, but was claimed by two corporations, SoroSuub and Naescorcom. Neither attempted to do any mining of the moon, but they argue over mining rights anyway.