"Numbers, numbers, numbers; everything in the world these days is governed by numbers..."

The Basics of Stats

All characters are, in the end, designed around three basic stats. These effectively define them, and the limits they can seek to overcome. Player Types determine starting default values for stats, and they can be increased based on an initial stat pool during chargen, as well as by other character creation choices. They can also be increased through the use of XP. Stats are an absolute value -- meaning someone with a Might of 14 is stronger than someone with a Might of 10.




Pool, Edge, and Effort

Each of the three stats above have two additional components: Pool and Edge.


This is basically the living state of your stat. It starts with your base stat, but additional factors can cause the pool itself to change. This can happen in several ways:

Pool can be replenished in several ways:


Some abilities require the expenditure of stat pool points to use. Edge effectively reduces that, at a 1:1 cost. So, say your spell requires 2 points of Intellect to use. A character with an Intellect Edge of 1 would only have to spend 1 point. A character with an Intellect Edge of 2 can use that ability for free. As an added bonus, an Edge of 3 will also add an additional bonus: You can apply one level of Effort in that stat for no cost.


Effort is not so much a statistic, so much as it is an effect. Some times, you need to put a little more effort into a task. Perhaps it's harder than you normally would be able to accomplish, or perhaps success is so important. In that case, Effort can be spent to reduce the difficulty of a roll. The first step reduction costs 3 Pool points (unless they have an edge in that stat of 3). All additional step reductions cost two stat pool points. Finally, reduce the total cost by your Edge in that stat (this is why an Edge of 3 will allow one level of Effort at no cost).

Effort can also be applied to damage. For each level of Effort applied, add 3 points of damage to your successful attack if it is a direct attack, or 2 if it is an area attack.

Your Effort rating is the maximum number of step reductions you can apply to a single roll. You can only apply Effort to a single stat in a given round, but you can apply it to multiple aspects of that stat in a round. For instance, if you applied 3 levels of Effort to a sword attack, you could apply 2 to the attack itself, and 1 on the damage (or another similar combination). However, if you use 2 Effort to power your mind-blast power (Intellect), you could not then add 1 Effort to your damage (Might).