Rorkee was a floating city on the gas giant of Genarius.
Rorkee was founded by unknown parties as a center of study during the Old Republic era. The identity of the specific owner of Rorkee was a well-kept secret, with a tangle of sentients sharing responsabilities.
Rorkee was not enough profitable to satisfy its owner with its original purpose; to increase the incomes, the Rorkee authorities decided to redirect the economy to tourism. Knowing of an excavation spot in the nearby moon of Dorumaa that included supposed proofs of an ancient native species, and knowing that the Dorumaa Investment Group had denied this kind of rumors and forbidden all civil access to the site, Rorkee reproduced the dig site from the reports of the explorers who had made the discovery. They wanted to attract vacationists who would else go to Dorumaa.
Rorkee's simulated dig, opening in 186 A.A., became one of the two most remarkable features of the city along with the Sanads of Rorkee hotel and had a moderated success, appealing only to people who already believed in older species. However, local business increased, along with employment: The dig guide, a Sullustan named Blibbie, had only a slight knowledge of archaeology, but he easily learnt how to point the supposedly written marks in the wall that laysentient would miss.
In year: 201 A.A. month: 2, Doctor Shilaea Motacc joined the Usable Resource Location, Recovery, and Development Corporation and, as a bonus, the U.R.L.R.D. gave her a vacation in Rorkee so that Motacc, an archaelogy enthusiast, could study the dig. The U.R.L.R.D. would later send college students to improve their eduction by joining Motacc. She was unaware of a plot to kidnap her in the dig, with a caused dig-in to make people believe she had died. The city authorities were apparently in on, officially refusing to return a corpse to the relatives, but the operation was mostly botched: The locals rumored about Motacc's probable survival because of the strange behavior of the dig workers. Eventually, the U.R.L.R.D. sent a team of investigators (Kaal Vang, Drarfful, Scoldufin and Jorad Taron) who pretended to be the college students. The investigators were as well kidnapped and U.R.L.R.D. paid a high ransom to have everybody released. It is still not clear who was behind the kidnappings.