Type: terraformed terrestrial
Climate: oceans, small continents
Rotation period: 28 standard hours
Orbital period: 8784 standard days

I must advise caution if you fish beyond the five-hundred-meter limit. We do have people go missing from time to time when they ignore the warnings. But that's part of the appeal for many anglers and divers who come here.
―Rek representative of Tropix Resorts

Dorumaa is the resort moon of Almas. Its origins are unclear and current speculation is that it was once an inner planet of the Cularin system. Its orbit at that time crossed that of Oblis. Dorumaa was at its closest when Oblis was destroyed, and the force of that destruction thrust Dorumaa farther out in the system. It was eventually captured by the gravitation pull of Almas. Having moved far away from its suns, Dorumaa froze and it stayed frozen until terraformed.

Note, on Dorumaa there are gorskins.