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Champion City Crusader Charter

This is the home of the Champion City Crusaders. Champion City is located in Northern California. The town is known for its history, a military base, and an industrial area dealing with experimental technologies. The city was founded by the Spanish during the 1500's and has continued to survive as an ever-changing city over the last 500 years. The first Crusaders began protecting Champion City in the 1980's. Over the last twenty years, the Crusaders have changed ranks, as members retired, never returned from missions, or where killed in action. The current members of the Crusaders have disappeared during an investigation and the Mutant Intelligence Bureau has opened the doors for new qualified members. The goals of the new members are:

Support the Mutant Intelligence Bureau personnel.
Investigate the disappearance of the Crusaders.

There are retired members that can be called if needed by the new members. Additional help can also be acquired from the organization called Meta-Temps, a super powered temporary organization supplying super powers to those who wish their services.

Crusader Cruiser: The mode of Transport for the Crusaders.
Crusader Computer: BETTY
Crusader Citadel: Headquarters for the Champion City Crusaders

1930's - 40's: The Adventures Club was formed. Mystery men roamed the world, and during WWII, the government recruited some to help fight the NAZI threat.

1950-1970's: the government during the Korean and Vietnam Conflicts formed Black Operation Teams.

1963: A Dimensional Gate - quantum rift opens and closes. Its is noted by a handful of scientists for the split second it is open. Soon after the gate closes, magic becomes real.

1960's: The Garish costumes start to show up and more powerful people begin to appear. The first true superheroes appear. Magic powers that are gifted by Gods also appear.

1970's: Mutants begin to appear.

1980's: Mutant registration is presented to Congress and the states for ratification. It does not pass. The Mutant Intelligence Bureau is created to deal with super powered threats. MIB became the government sponsored super powered control agents. They would regulate, apprehend, monitor, and eliminate superpower individuals when needed. To practice as a superhero, an individual must be registered, have a license, and work for a sanctioned MIB team.

1990's: Universal tax to handle extraordinary damage from super battles (Insurance). Meta-Temps was formed by the Adventures Club to provide additional super powered help to hero groups, or MIB. The United Nations chartered the Preservers of Liberty with MIB.

2000's: The United Nations Space Station Eden is build and operational in space. Near Space Planes deliver science and security personnel there on a weekly base. A Moon colony has been proposed, and the Mars Mission will be launched within the year.