Venture into the fantastical cosmos of Sovereign Skies, where remnants of ancient magics and advanced technologies meld seamlessly, a testament to a universe reborn from the ashes of the once indomitable Zamozian Empire. As starships sail alongside dragons and laser swords clash with enchanted relics, the boundaries of reality blur, making way for a realm where the wild and the whimsical coexist.

Amidst this vibrant tapestry of science-fantasy, passionate tales of romance unfold, as nuanced and profound as the politics that drive the heart of every galaxy. Tread carefully, for alliances formed today may become the love stories or bitter rivalries of tomorrow. With tasteful maturity, Sovereign Skies promises an intricate dance of hearts, honoring every shade of love and longing against the vast backdrop of the universe.

As ancient prophecies resurface and political machinations simmer, action awaits at every corner. From grand space battles to arcane duels, the call to heroism is ceaseless. Whether you're a diplomat, warrior, or rogue, your mark on this wild cosmos is inevitable. In Sovereign Skies, destiny isn't written in the stars—it's forged by those daring enough to dominate them.

Sovereign Skies takes place in the United Commonwealth, which has a republican form of government, which is not to say that it has a democratic government.

One of the complex matters is "Who gets a seat?"  The UC is enormous.  It has thousands of worlds and trillions of sentients.  And the truth is that there isn't any firm set of rules to decide.  The Directorate decides.  So, sometimes, it is a cluster of worlds with similar cultures, such as the Starbright Archipelago.  Sometimes, it is a giant corporation, such as the Void Verge Vagrants or the Starfront Sentinels.  It might be a single, highly populated, and industrially significant world, such as Ethoria.  It can be people without worlds at all, such as the Ledans.  It can be groups bound by culture, such as the Nyssian Courts, the Virelian Oracle, or the Synaptic Conclave.

And there's a lot of lawlessness.  While well-populated star systems are sovereign, for every inhabited world, there are dozens of uninhabited or lightly inhabited worlds.  Inside a sovereign system, things tend to be well-ordered, but outside?  Anything goes.  Out there, there are other power groups, such as the Nadirim Order, which attempts to bring order to the chaos, or the Iron Seraphs who will chase a person to the end of the earth for a big enough purse.  The Star Wardens work tirelessly in an uphill fight to contain the lawlessness.


The game revolves around a universe where hyperspatial travel to new worlds also crosses dimensional boundaries while still being navigatable.  Some of the worlds are fantasy worlds, and they might be heavens or hells or cyberpunk dystopias.  It is vast and diverse.

Each world is almost impossible to invade.  They are sovereign.  Each world can control who does and does not enter from hyperspace, making conquest nearly impossible, and almost never on a large scale, due to the Music of the Spheres - a Great Artifact designed to allow worlds to control their destiny.

The setting is expansive and almost exhaustive.

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