Legends of Theah
...a story of heroes.
There has been an increase in criminal activity in the Triple Kingdoms which seems to center (currently) around Pecis, Canguine, Bali, and recently stretched as far as the outer edges of Carleon. Unease has settled in among nobles and merchants alike, with the whispering of their unease reaching beyond the ears of the elite and over the waves to distant shores.

The aggressors are said to be of similar nature and dress; they are callous, unpredictable, and alarmingly odd. They have become increasingly bold, their attacks more frequent. A speckling of inns have reported thefts from their pantries and stables, with glimpses of hooded men disappearing into the night. Ships docked for the evening have been plagued by vandalism and small fires, with similar hooded men spotted vaulting off the ships and over crates with an unnatural strength and agility. Merchant caravans and carriages of the elite have been attacked, their drivers slaughtered while passengers are subjected to curious, if not discourteous scrutiny while being stripped of their finery.

The latest attack has sparked new fear. A young Montaigne nobleman was abducted shortly after disembarking from a ship at Canguine's docks. An eye-witness told of two hooded men on horseback who snatched the noble up quite suddenly. The hood of one of the kidnappers fell back to reveal a grotesquely disfigured face.

The nobleman has been missing for 10 days. A ransom demand has yet to be delivered.

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