The Siren

The Siren is a prototype starship, built by /// for the human Systems Alliance. It is optimized for scouting and reconnaissance missions in unstable regions, using state-of-the-art stealth technology designed after the Normandy. The designers built the subframe and sealed body out of Tydlar reinforced Carbon Fiber. This design reduces the total mass of the craft by %30, effectively doubling the relative size of the Mass Effect Core.

For most ships, the heat generated through standard operations is easily detectable against the absolute-zero background of space. The Siren, however, is able to temporarily sink this heat within the hull. Combined with refrigeration of the exterior hull, the ship can travel undetected for hours, or drift passively for days of covert observation. This is not without risk. The stored heat must eventually be radiated, or it will build to levels capable of cooking the crew alive.


It's a pirate Frigate, well known in certain circles.
Frame: Light Frigate - Power +2 (Fast, Aggressive,) looks +1 (Sleek,) 2/1-armor, weakness +2 (Guzzler, Finicky)
Defenses: Ablative Armor: 2-armor (DEW), 1-armor (kinetic), Kinetic Barrier Shields (3-shields)
Armament: GUARDIAN Lasers (defensive, small, 3-harm, close), Mass Accelerator Cannon (medium, 3-harm, far)
Sensors: Passive (far, quiet, good), Active (far, loud, average)

Stealth Heat Sinks I (Small, power hungry, weakness: no engines - no shields, +2 infiltrate)
When you try to Infiltrate a planet, space station or other celestial body, roll +infiltrate;
On a 10+, choose 2. On a 7-9, choose 1. On a -6, none and you're in a spot.

~ While you're sinking heat into the hull, you cannot develop your Mass Effect Field, run shields or sub-light drives. You only have maneuvering thrusters to make course corrections. Your Pilot is at -2 to all rolls, -1 if he's a No Slako Pilot. If you blow your circuits, and you need them back right now, you're Acting Under Fire. The risk is that you further damage the system. .

Upper Deck

Main Deck

Lower Deck