An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered.  - G.K. Chesterton.

The High Council sits on the island city of the Aihv’, just off the central southern coast.  Historically, the Council consisted of a few oligarchs from the most powerful and wealthy Shalidar (or elven) families.  At its height, the Council and its members controlled the lands from the southern and eastern oceans, north to the forest of Tivaris and west to the A’nari Keep, and drove most of the Stamm - the monstrous races - to the edges of the map.  Humans lived under Shal’ rule a rule that could be benevolent or tyrannical.

The Council’s authority has diminished over time, as has Shal power.  Today, there are a number of independent states, with different governmental systems.  A number are under human control and they have claimed seats on the High Council itself these are the human-controlled states that arose peacefully, with changes in the relative sizes of human populations and changes in economic systems.  The traditional system of hereditary aristocratic (and almost exclusively Shal) control has begun to yield to the growing authority and influence of the merchant class.  In time a different Council - the Council of the merchant city-states of the Halveetian League - will gain ascendancy.

This is the world the adventurers live in, one where traditional notions of nobility and property are challenged by a growing merchant class, and many people struggle with the question of who owns (and owes) what or whom.

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