Welcome to the official wiki for Twilight 2000- The Modern Dark Ages.

Here you should be able to find anything you need to discover what's going on in the game, who is playing, along with information about the various characters, NPCs, and locations discovered in the world so far.

Mad Dogs Player Character Roster
Player Characters (Current)
Mad Dog NPCs
Unofficial Mad Dogs - Nearly complete. Needs Kaminski

Supplemental Mad Dog Information
Mad Dogs Blood Types

Locations -Nearly complete. Needs Przejazdowo, Pruszcz Gdanski, Orunia, and Kowale
Notable NPCs -Nearly complete. Needs Kaminski and Piszczek
Notable vehicles -Nearly complete. Needs SS Soldek and Valeskas Barge
Factions of Gdansk
Known Military Units -Some complete

The Story So Far
Twilight 2000 - Modern Dark Ages Chapter Recaps

The Archive
Player Characters (Past)
Mad Dog NPCs (Past)
After Action Reports
Silesian Intel Thread

Game Rules
Game Rules
Player Character Sheet Example

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