Here are some of the Mad Dogs that have been loved and lost by one means or another.

Player Characters (past)
Methuselah A. Q. K. Agahu
Roy Barnett
Francis "Frank" Benucci
Jed Black
Mike Catchings
Thomas Cooper
Ethan Creswick
Gerhard Dietrich
Matt Doyle
Oskar Friedmann
Jennifer Gideon
Tom Handley
Erich Hawkins
William Hicks
Owen Hollister
Ben Jagelis
Tom P. Kelly
Jan Krejcik
Johnny Leota
Alan Little
Thomas Marshall
Alex Michaels
Robert Mitchell
Caleb Mulcahy
Luis Ortega
George Rawlinson
Sabine Riedel
Andrew Rooke
William Schmidt
Raymond Sims
Marc St. Gil
Tom Stark
Eikki Termonen
Kurt Weiss
Dean Wilson
Steve (Will) Williamson
Jonathan Young

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