Map of Wynn Gambling Hall

There are no cameras; about 1/3 of those are permanently stationed security people.

The office is split into two smaller offices.

The sports bar is just a bar where patrons can get food and drinks.

The area with two rows of what I assume are slot machines is instead a single row of poker tables.

The right door from the kitchen to the back hallway is not there, but instead there are stairs down to the basement.  The basement has 4 storage rooms, 2 dormitories (male and female), and 1 two-hole privy.  It reeks, in spite of the hole going down out of sight.

Aresh Comocker:  Kitchen manager and second chef.  Very tall, big woman.  Irish-ish accent.

Frooden:  Kitchen worker with dark skin and a crooked face from an old scar.