Map of the Palace Compound

The ruling faction, though declining in power.  King Marcus IV was not an effective ruler, and left the country in bad shape, it's coffers nearly empty.  He passed away a little over two years ago, leaving his young daughter, Shenea I, as his only heir.  She is now 16 years old, now and the country is currently ruled by a regent, Davin Chesterson, Marquis of Harfeld.

Former King Marcus IV:  He died earlier this year from some sort of wasting disease.  He had been suffering for the previous 4 years, but the rapid onset was not slowed by the many doctors who saw him.  He reigned for 36 years, since he was 22.  His first wife, Anatal, produced no heirs, though she had several pregnancies.  When she passed away 14 years ago, he took his second wife, Frenzann, who produced his only living child.  The country has suffered under his inept rule, he was always more interested in festivities than governance.

Queen Shenea I:  Now 16 years old (in Chapter 2).  She took the throne 2 and a half year ago when her father passed away.  Although the precocious girl has had excellent training in statecraft, languages, arts, and warfare, she was considered too young to take command.  Now she is coming of age, though she will not be taking control of the kingdom for another 2 years.

Davin Chesterson, Marquis of Thessaly:  The council appointed Davin Chesterson, Marquis of Thessaly as regent for the Queen until her 18th birthday.  By all accounts he is a quiet, competent man who is devoted to his charge and determined to deliver to her a smooth-running government in two years.

Baron Alivert Markson:  Assistant to Davin Chesterson

Dowager Queen Frenzann:  She is generally considered too flighty to participate in the ruling of the country.  She was chosen for her beauty, which remains intact as she approaches 40.  Her father, the Viscount of Chalcidice, expected to be appointed regent for his granddaughter and was disappointed when Chesterson was selected.

Spymaster Iwo Behyd:

Lexagenol Heraldry: yellow with red trim.

Map of the Palace Compound

The red building is the Kennel.  The northwest section is the royal family area.  The central south area, where the scraggly road has a turnaround, is the kitchen.  The small buildings are mostly barracks, and also some private apartments.

Much of the larger structure is three and even four stories tall, so it is a big place.