The Church:  The church remains aloof from political matters, until, of course, it might affect them (which is always).  Archbishop Pelschion leads his loyal following with a military precision, which is not surprising because he was formerly General Carl Blaik.

 the Church will be based on the Greek Olympian Gods, primarily, Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Athena, Hephaestus, Ares, Apollo, Hermes, and Aphrodite.  Note that the gods are not nearly as involved in the lives of people in this world as they are in a typical D&D / Pathfinder world.  There are no clerics with spells, though, of course, the priests promise to effect changes if the worshippers are devote (i.e. generous) and there are always charismatic wandering clergy who promise and even seem to deliver on miracles.

I realize that I am mixing the political structure of 12th century Europe with the pantheon from 5th century B.C.E Greece.  Oh well.  It keeps me from running afoul of RPoL users who might be offended by my opinions of the religious world of 12th century Europe.

The main city, Olympia, is in the base of Mount Olympus, where the gods are believed to live.  The primary region that the church governs is called Altis, and is dominated by the temple to Zeus.  While the church holds lands and collects its own taxes tithes, these lands tend to be small enclaves inside the different duchies, marks, and earldoms.  They also collect money through donations at the temples.

As an aside, I have actually been to the temple to Apollo at Delphi, where the Oracle lived.  It is about three-fourths of the way up the mountain, on the top of which is the stadium.  There was a drinking fountain on the side of the temple that you approach as you are climbing this mountain to go watch the games, and I'm sure many people would queue up to get a drink.

Just outside of the fountain is a small plinth, maybe 8 feet tall and 3 feet square at its base.  You wouldn't realize it from outside, but there is a tunnel from the basement of the temple through which a priest could climb up into the plinth and listen to the conversations of people waiting in line for a drink of water.  (I have actually crawled through that tunnel!)  Of course, those same people would be amazed at how much the Oracle knew about them -- real details of their lives and the question they wanted to ask the Oracle.  Those people would, you can imagine, be very generous when they heard the revelations from the Oracle's priests.

Archbishop Pelschion leads his loyal following with a military precision, which is not surprising because he was formerly General Carl Blaik.

Bishop Seever (very tall and thin) is his second-in-command.  He has the intelligence of a top accountant, but the personality of a prankster.  He loves puns and jokes of all kinds, especially practical jokes, but not of the sort that are especially painful or psychologically hurtful; they are more of the sort that the victim is likely to laugh along once he is over his surprise.  However, when things are urgent or unsettled, he is as serious as is needed for the occasion.

Archbishop Erastoo:  The high priestess of Hera, Erastoo considers herself independent of Pelschion but will defer to him in issues that affect the entire church.   Her most striking feature is the tattoos, which cover every visible bit of skin.  Urvan can make out the image of a peacock feather coming up her neck on to her ear on her left side.  On the right side of her face is a large cat of some sort.  She wears a hood, so he can not make out her brow other than to catch a bit of red and a line of green.

Erastoo leads a group called the Purifiers.  Their supposed goal is to protect those things sacred to Hera, marriage, women, childbirth, and family, but in fact they have found the ability to interpret many different causes as falling under their purview.  Their approach to purification generally looks a lot like scorched earth.

Aarnik:  Works for Erastoo.  Very clipped, precise, uses a cane for effect, not out of necessity.  Polished boots, fastidious appearance overall.

Spymaster:  Deacon Levician Whyneks.  While not a priest, he is very devout to both Zeus and Athena.

Minister Stibu Womack: master of the aerie