Anne d'Ardelle:  Mother of Scarlet d'Ardelle.  She is the daughter of Baron Rangan of the Ardelle region in south part of Epirus.  As the mother of the eldest of Barton's acknowledged bastards, her presence in the castle is tolerated.  Her natural charm and wit has brought her into the duchess's outer circle, but it would be more accurate to say that she is barely hanging on than to say she is moving towards the inner circle.

Alyssa:  Daughter of Count Gaubern Ranteson of Travis County in northern Epirus.  The youngest of the Duchess' ladies in waiting.

Xavin of Gemlia:  Son of the Count of Gemlia.  Scarlet overheard the two arguing about the Count looking to see that Xavin "marries up."  He thinks that Alyssa would be a good match.

Lord Fentilous: Lecherous old toad that Alyssa's father would like to marry Alyssa to in order to lock in his source of iron and timber.

Sir Proponitís Fischbacher:  Head breeder and trainer of the Savannah Cats

Baron Etan Zamien of Vórlaïkí:  One member of the board gaming group that includes Sir Fischbacher and Count Gaubern Ranteson.  In spite of his unathletic build and unattractive features, he has a pretty young wife, ...

Lady Maranno de Bartoniva, informally Maryann.  Baron Zamien's wife.  She excels at oil painting, mostly still lifes.  She always has one underway and has decorated their apartment with them.  link to a message in this game

Pax:  Idalaiz's garrulous butler.

Flo:  Medic working for Rheam family.  older man, white and gray outfit with the symbol of Asclepius embroidered above his left breast.

Trimpicar:  Tall, bald mute who works for Idalaiz

Usuul: Swordmaster

Rimont Rievtest:  Steward of the castle.  Not of the nobility, but his family has served the Rheams for centuries and he has the Duke's ear.  Anyone below a Viscount would do well do defer to him.

Neskopta de Flacypt:  Chamberlain.  (This is the head of the family chambers, where the Steward manages the rest of the castle, the grounds, and, to some degree, all the lands held by the Duke.)  He acceded his Barony to his younger brother for the honor to serve as Chamberlain.

Erikus:  Lad who works in the kennels.  About Scarlet's age, significantly autistic.  Can talk clearly when "reading" information out of his brain, but is unable to have a conversation.

Lavaleen: Young woman who works in the kennels.

Sir Heger Ledath, owner of Archon, a large tom.

Lady Ypirétria, the ancient spinster who is the head of Duchess' Ladies' Council

This is the relationship I see Castle Moresby has with the river: in a bend in the river on a high bluff.