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You won't find the island of Midori on any map. Despite the Sea of Japan being one of the most explored (and over fished) areas of the world, including its close proximity to Japan, Russia and Korea no ships have ever encountered the island. Yet it exists.

Those who have found it have ether done so by 'accident' - drawn by some inexplicable force - or have sought it using methods and secret knowledge not accessible to most.

Some say it doesn't really exist in our world, but in a space between worlds, beyond an invisible gate that only a few can pass through.

The island is very small. Maybe only a few miles across. It is often warm, sunny and its shores are lapped by beautiful, clear crystal waves. About a mile off-shore, however, an opaque mist surrounds it.

The population is sparse. A single city sits near its western shore. A strange mix of Eastern and European buildings organically growing like a tree taking root from the shoreline. This is the city of Danketsu, a place like any other modern city, save for the strange clash of cultures and diversity of nationalities.

And of species.

Not everyone in Danketsu is human. Those that are human are laregly unaware that they are living amoung what they might consider monsters. But the word monster can mean many things to many people. The real purpose of both the island and the city is to unite rather than divide. And although a lot of the citizens are human, most of them share a common goal - to embrace the humanity within.

Not everyone shares this view, however. There are those who would seek to see Danketsu destroyed. Some who seek to corrupt it, turn it into a place of darkness. Others seek to merely exploit it for their own selfish ends.

Who will you be? Will you be a troubled human soul, drawn her by accident and hoping to start a new life? Or are you something else - Angel, demon, vampire, witch? Are you struggling to hold on to your humanity and live a normal life or are you hoping to give in to your selfish desires for lust and greed and power? Or are you a servant of the darkness that wishes to destroy this haven or corrupt it, enslaving the souls held within?

The Humanity Within is a freeform sandbox game. Players create their own stories. The GMs are here to provide guidance and to get involved with plots that may interest them, but it is the players that will drive this game. Success depends on the quality of those players. You will get out of this game what you put into it.