More than a hundred years has passed since the old High King fell and the gates of Stonehell were thrown open to release those incarcerated during the his reign. In the generations that have followed the many nations the high king had unified have split once more into squabbling kingdoms and wild tribes.

The rumours of Stonehell dungeon have not faded. Tales of cannibal kingdoms inhabited by pale-skinned ghouls compete with yarns about magical experiments. Bands of fearless adventurers regularly plumb the depths of the former prison. Those who return do so laden with riches won from that which still malingers within, but many do not return at all.

Stonehell is on the far western edge of the kindgom. The last mark of civilisation is the hamlet of Fourtower Bridge. Fourtower Bridge is divided by a river and known for its mines and industry. For adventurers it is the last place to gather supplies and hirelings before travelling westward to delve into the Stonehell dungeon. Stonehell dungeon is ten miles from Fourtower Bridge, the old road remains well used and travels through a wooded forest.

At Fourtower Bridge adventurers gather.




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