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Haunted Places

Welcome St Utar

St. Utar is a small town on the south east coast of Wales in the United Kingdom. It is relatively isolated from the rest of the country due to the fact that it does not lie along any of the major roadways or tourist routes. As a result, the town gets few visitors, which is a shame because it is a delightful stop for tourists who want enjoy a taste of life off from the beaten path.

The town itself is close knit commuity, centered around the village church, and the university which serves as a center of social activity, as well as a place of education.

About the game

Haunted Places is a free form, sandbox-style game set in a fictional town in Wales, U.K. The theme is one of drama and supernatural horror, possibly with the occasional nod towards H.P.Lovecraft. Players make up their own stories, but the GM also has some creepy plot ideas that he may throw at unsuspecting players. (Hint: Buy one of the houses for sale for an instant plot).