Kaluthin is a wavy, grass-like plant created by Darth Rivan to modify the poisonous atmosphere and climate of Almas. Its stalk is green, and its leaves are purple in the center, but turn to green on the edges. The stalk is also covered in white patches of phosphorous deposits which glow. As Almas is completely covered in the plant (except for Rivan's Sith fortress area, where nothing alive can thrive), this causes the planet to emit its own gentle light, described as an aura, and visible even from orbiting spaceships.
Kaluthin has kilometers-deep taproots, which not only allow the plant to draw nourishment from the planet's subterranean water, but also draw up heat from the planet's core. The plant draws in phosphorous and methane from the atmosphere. The phosphorous forms the glowing deposits, while the methane is synthesized by the Kaluthin, releasing oxygen back into the atmosphere.
Despite being created by Darth Rivan, the kaluthin would not grow anywhere near his fortress.