Type: terraformed terrestrial
Climate: temperated grasslands, desolate wastelands
Rotation period: 38 standard hours
Orbital period: 8784 standard days

Almas is a terraformed planet in the Cularin system. Its moon, Dorumaa, is a captured satellite, which underwent its own terraforming.

An anomaly in itself, Almas was a molten, terrestrial planet orbiting beyond the usual range for its kind, and due to this it received little sunlight. Despite its hot core, Almas was not very geologically active. It had only two small mountain ranges. The planet's atmosphere was initially filled with poisonous gases like phosphorus and methane, until Sith Lord Darth Rivan, aiming to settle there, developed the kaluthin grass to help alter the atmosphere. Almas had no surface water, but there were underground lakes upon which the kaluthin drew and to which settlers would later built wells. The kaluthin was a success, given that all Almas' water was located underground, and continued to thrive there for centuries. On the leaves of the kaluthin were phosphorus deposits that glowed with a faint light. Due to these deposits, when the kaluthin covered the planet, the planet itself radiated an "aura".

Over the centuries, the kaluthin spread across the planet and created a highly oxygen-rich atmosphere. However, trace elements of phosphorus and methane could still have detrimental effects on those who spent extended periods of time outside without a breath mask. The plants' kilometers-deep taproots also brought up heat from the planet's core, warming the surface. In addition, the purple-green grass gave the planet a distinct aural glow, mainly from the phosphorus it consumed.
Darth Rivan built there his Sith fortress, at some point before 1250 BBY. The castle was located on the desert side of the planet. It was built on this planet in hope to gather dark side energy from the Force-dense Cularin system. Parts of the fortress were destroyed, but its core resisted blaster fire. The Jedi left the planet, ignoring the remains of the building.

The kaluthin, thriving even without Rivan, kept Almas from being worth mining. It grew everywhere besides near the Sith fortress, and its roots delved deep. What little mineral worth the planet had was not worth the added expense of removing the kaluthin from a mining site. However, the planet became a gardenlike site instead of the nightmare it had been - except around the Sith Fortress, where no life could thrive. The kaluthin also processed the phosphorus and generated a glow that illuminated the planet from itself instead of from the sky.

After Reidi Artom re-discovered the system in 232 BBY, two Jedi, master Qornah and his Padawan Kibh Jeen, came to Almas to research Rivan's fortress. The Sith fortress corrupted Jeen, who slew his master, took over the asteroid belt pirates, and started the Dark Jedi Conflict (188-181 BBY). After the Conflict ended, a Jedi school was founded which grew into the Almas Academy, the headmaster of which was Jedi Master Nerra Ziveri, and then his former apprentice, Master Lanius Qel-Bertuk.